The EdYOUfest 2022 Event:

Location: Trapani, Sicily - Italy

Dates: 21st August – 25th August 2022

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Pro Membership

Worth: £216

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Register your interest in EdYOUfest Event

To register your interest in EdYOUfest Event please complete the form below.

A quote of €20 is required to complete your interest.


In June will contact you to ask if you want to confirm your participation in Trapani. At that point, a quote of € 75 will be required to complete your registration.


We are working to provide free accommodation with local host families for all the first requests. At the moment we do have 14 spaces available!!


A list of B&Bs and Hotels is also provided (see below) for you to contact and make a direct arrangement. 

The Total quote of €95 includes everything is written in the Programme

Thanks for submitting!

Ways to pay the registration:

By Paypal

By Bank Transfer

Bank Name Bank of Ireland


C/C:              79441764


IBAN:            IE83BOFI 903816 79441764

Ref: EDYOUFEST 22 - Name and Surname


Still, 14 spaces in host families are available at no cost.

Please for more information contact us:

A list of B&B and Hotels in the City Centre:


Nuovo Albergo Russo                      Via tintori, 4                                   tel.  +39 092322166

Hotel Moderno                                 Via ten. genovese 20                     tel. +39 092321247

Hotel Maccotta                                 Via argentieri, 4                             tel. +39 092328418

Hotel Trapani In                                Vicolo dei pescatori, 10                tel. +39 092320119

Hotel San Michele                            Via San Michele 16/24                  tel. +39 092323470

La Gancia                                           Via Mura di Tramontana,              tel. +39 0923438060

Azzoli' Hotel                                      Via Barone Sieri Pepoli, 26           tel. +39 3272532433

Hotel Room Andrea                         Viale Regina Margherita, 31          tel. +39 0923365728

Hotel Vittoria                                     Via Francesco Crispi, 4                 tel. +39 0923873044

Hotel Tiziano                                     Via Giuseppe Rubino, 4                tel. +39 092322211


B&B Alla Marina                               Via Regina Elena, 4                         tel.+39 092326401  +39 3386164663

B&B Zibibbo                                     Via Liberta’, 37                                 tel. +39 3279869447

B&B Vecchio Messina                      Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 71           tel. +39 3291075231

B&B Barone Sieri Pepoli ,                Via Sieri Pepoli, 30                           tel. +39 3207818903

B&B Ligny                                         Via Torre di Ligny, 14                        tel. + 39 09231941515

B&B Bastone Imperiale                   Piazza Generale Scio',11                  tel. +39 3331361393

B&B Ai Lumi                                     Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 71/77       tel. +39 0923540922  +39 3278886056

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