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Lesson Plan Jam

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Ron Morrain

Silvina Mascitti

One of the most important skills that a teacher needs to learn and develop is Lesson Planning. This process involves not only addressing students’ needs, interests, and motivations, but also assessing the learning path and setting realistic objectives while keeping the cognitive load in check.


There is no magic recipe or silver bullet for designing a perfect lesson plan because we all work in different parts of the globe and in different learning/teaching contexts - but instructors can always learn new things as well as improve some elements when planning lessons. Depending on each instructor’s teaching style as well as their own teaching context, well-thought-out lesson plans can certainly serve as a springboard for fostering meaningful learning.


Meaningfulness is an integral part of making and creating a learning cycle that students will remember and appreciate. And meaningful lessons are what students expect in today's post-COVID era.


But - What does it take to create a great meaningful learning cycle where students feel engaged to meet their learning goals?


Come and join teachers from all over the world who will share their best tips and advice on how to develop and improve lesson planning skills and teaching practice in the EFL/ESL classroom. These free podcast sessions will embrace diversity in all its forms and provide teachers and educators with a myriad of tools that will help them develop their lesson-planning skills to the fullest. And, also start you off on your self-directed learning journey.

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