As always the community of Edyoufest is what really builds us all, and the reason we all come back year after year. In the laste EdYOUfest Online event, we have arranged a variety of social activities to put you all at the epicenter of our activities. As always, you didn’t have to join in and can simply observe, but the more you put in, the more you get out!

Yes, there were multiple opportunities to look silly, yes we will all lose some dignity....but laughed and we’ll grow and we’ll remember it forever!

The Team


Thomas Jones

Usually known as Thom Jones. Thom has lived in more than a dozen countries and delivered training in over 70. He is principal of an international college in the summer, teaches at universities and schools around the world and is invited to speak regularly at global conferences year-round. He runs his own training company and is a consultant for Telc, and others. He is rubbish at maths, but his mother thinks he is great.


Schools & Agents - (Bernice and Lynne)

Schools & Agents has been around since 2008. We are two sisters – Bernice, the eldest (and shortest) and Lynne, the youngest (and tallest), and between us we share over 30 years of experience in various aspects of the international education industry. We both started off as teachers, moved into running a language school…and we eventually decided that we wanted to build something together.

We like travelling, good food (generally Lynne cooks it and Bernice eats it), great company, rock music…and we absolutely love animals!


Dragana Stegić

Usually a very open, positive, communicative person. When upset, she uses her name backwards in emails (Ana Gard) to get over her fear of confronting people. She hasn’t been to a third of the countries Thom Jones has, but she is still one civil war ahead of him (beat THAT Jones!). She’s a primary and secondary school teacher of English in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She adores her job and her students but would never admit it. She’s a regular attendee and presenter at international conferences in the region focusing on critical thinking and global issues.

Her hobbies include painting the walls of her apartment out of boredom, drawing, and starting to read a really cool book only to abandon it for an even cooler one. She’s got a husband and 11-year-old twins but categorically refuses to talk about them in order not to make other people jealous.

Clara BM EdYOUfest.jpg

Clara Braña

Clara has dedicated most of her professional career to teaching English as a foreign language in both the UK and Spain. She has also worked as a subject tutor and Director of Studies at an international college delivering academic summer courses to students. As well as teaching English she is also a qualified yoga instructor and has travelled extensively throughout India where she became fascinated with the discipline over eight years ago. Coming from a mixed Spanish Irish heritage Clara has a myriad of interests including flamenco and Irish dance and still has aspirations to make it into riverdance!


Catherine Piot

I am Catherine Piot and I have a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Physical education. With over 20 years of work experience in teaching, training, nutrition and meal plan creation. I coach everyday people who need to get in shape and get healthier as well as professional athletes who want to perform better.

I created CPI (Catherine Piot Institute) 13 years ago in order to provide the best possible training and nutrition services as well as educational seminars and retreats. I am specializing in helping people over 40 loose weight and get in shape. I wrote 4 books on fitness and nutrition, available on amazon.

I live in Berlin - Germany but I work with people worldwide providing my services online.

People can contact me anytime via my website 




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Michael Dewar

My names Mike. I don't call myself a professional storyteller, more of a reteller of stories that have been told to me and in some way have touched me, surprised me, awoken something inside of me that I'd like to pass on to others.


Some of the stories I like to tell include songs, accompanied by my guitar.  All of them require an open heart, a pair of functioning ears, and a pinch of imagination.  

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