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Poetry Reading

Thomas Jones

One thing our community enjoys is getting together and talking through ideas! The other big thing that seems to unite us is a love of reading! So we’ve decided to set up our own book club.


We’ll do this in two ways:

1.  We’ll look at a new set of text every eight weeks (listed below). You don’t need to read all of it or any of it, maybe you’ve seen the film? It’s not a test and nobody is an idiot. It doesn’t matter, come along and chat it through. Every first Tuesday of the month at 19h30 GMT. Sit, chill, chat.

2.  We’ll look at whatever you’re reading. Anything at all. Tell us why you like it, what you’ve taken from it or why it’s rubbish! Tuesdays as below @19h30

Woman Reading a Book

Booklist and What are you reading?

December 2022

  Date: Wednesday, 21stTime: 1630 GMT                  Title: EdYOUfest Christmas Treat


January 2023


  Date: Tuesday, 10th Time: 19.30 GMT                              Title: The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood

  Date: 31st Tuesday,  Time: 19.30 GMT       

           What are you reading?                   

Woman Reading a Book

February 2023


  Date: Monday, 13th Time: 19.30 GMT                              Title: The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood

  Date: 28th Tuesday,  Time: 19.30 GMT       

           What are you reading?                   

Man Reading a Book

March 2023

  Date: 15th Wednesday,  Time: 19.30 BST

           What are you reading?                  

final version.tiff
Woman Reading a Book

April 2023


  Date: Tuesday, 04th Time: 19.30 BST

Title: Future track Five by Robert Westall


May 2023


 Date: Tuesday, 02nd - Time: 19.30 BST

Title: The Lord of the Rings

  Date: 30thTuesday,  Time: 19.30 BST

           What are you reading                   

Woman Reading a Book
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