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English language conversation at the airport to use with my students

Updated: May 4, 2023

At the check-in counter:

Student: Good morning, I would like to check in for my flight to New York.

Check-in Agent: Good morning! May I see your passport and ticket, please?

Student: Sure, here you go.

Check-in Agent: Thank you. Do you have any checked baggage?

Student: Yes, I have one suitcase.

Check-in Agent: Okay, please place your suitcase on the scale so I can weigh it.

Student: Sure. (places suitcase on the scale) Check-in Agent: Your suitcase weighs 20 kilograms, which is within the weight limit. Here's your boarding pass. Your gate is C12, and boarding starts at 11:15am. Have a good flight!

At the security checkpoint:

Security Officer: Good morning, please have your boarding pass and ID ready.

Student: Sure, here they are.

Security Officer: Thank you. Please place your bags on the conveyor belt and walk through the metal detector.

Student: Okay. (places bags on the conveyor belt and walks through the metal detector) Security Officer: You're all set. Have a safe flight!

At the gate:

Student: Excuse me, what time does boarding start for flight 123 to New York?

Gate Agent: Boarding starts at 11:15am, which is in about 20 minutes. Please have your boarding pass and ID ready.

Student: Okay, thank you. Is there a delay for the flight?

Gate Agent: No, the flight is on time. Please check the departure board for any updates. Student: Great, thanks.

During the flight:

Student: Excuse me, can I have a glass of water, please?

Flight Attendant: Sure, here you go.

Student: Thanks. Can I also have a pillow and blanket?

Flight Attendant: Of course, here they are. Is there anything else I can help you with? Student: No, that's all for now. Thank you.

Flight Attendant: You're welcome.

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