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Thanks to our partnerships Edyoufest is growing year by year. It is not anymore just a conference but is now a combination of activities dedicated to our community of English teachers all around the world. 
Our aim is to upskill them with new tips and techniques for their professional career and also to encourage them to share their experience and create a community. 

Sponsoring EdYOUfest means sharing a project dedicated to Teachers and University Students, creating the conditions to cultivate their natural cognitive predispositions and help them flourish in real excellence. The realization of such an ambitious project cannot be based only on the support and availability of individuals, but requires the collection of adequate funds, through a sponsorship programme that we hope will be as wide as possible.

Why support EdYOUfest

1. To contribute to the promotion of merit and excellence among Teachers and University        students around the world;
2. To help teachers in their classrooms and to enhance their professional skills;
3. To
 promote modern and inclusive education;
4. To be part of a large community of (currently 7064) English teachers from 46 different counties;
5. To work together with "a company" with eight years of experience that is evolving every year.

Each contribution will be entirely invested in the development of research projects, and scholarships and in the coordination and implementation of the programme.


Writing on Glass

EdYOUfest has created three different levels of sponsorship to meet all the needs of this type of activity. Sponsorships are per school year.

EdYOUfest committee will evaluate the proposals that will be sent to verify their quality and relevance with the training purposes and reserves the right to accept the requests that will arise.


Sponsorship levels

With the Silver sponsorship, your company will be advertised on our website, in particular, an area will be dedicated to you and your logo will be present on our homepage plus a link to your website.
In addition, you will be promoted in all our monthly newsletters.

All silver Sponsorships facilities plus you will have the opportunity to join us at our conference this year in Athens where we will provide a desk for you for your promotional materials included in the sponsorship and your banner at the main entrance hall.

All silver and Gold Sponsorships facilities plus you will have your logo on each page of the EdYOUfest website and your company will have the chance to own an entire dedicated page on our website where you will be allowed to advertise your services with your brand name on the menu bar too. You will be also present in every online activity (ex. Webinars, Book clubs, Conversation classes) and you will have time for a small introduction to your brand.
At our main conference event in Athens, you could take part in the welcome speech. Your brand will be also at the main table in the lecture theatre and your banners in each room where we will have activities. 


For more information please contact us at


Platinum Sponsorship

Platinum Sponsorship


Gold Sponsorship

Gold Sponsorship
Silver Sponsorship

Silver Sponsorship

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