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Turning the creation of a class group mascot into a project

Turning the creation of a class group mascot into a project can be a fun and engaging activity. Here's an expanded idea for the project:

Project Title: Class Group Mascot Creation Project

Objective: To create a unique and representative mascot for the class group that fosters a sense of identity and unity among the students.

Duration: The project can span over a few weeks, depending on the availability and schedule of the class.


Introduction and Brainstorming (1-2 class sessions):

1. Introduce the project to the students, explaining the purpose and objectives.

Discuss the importance of a mascot in representing a group and creating a sense of belonging.

2. Engage the students in a brainstorming session where they can share their ideas and suggestions for the mascot.

Research and Inspiration (1-2 class sessions):

2. Encourage the students to research different mascots from various domains, such as sports teams, organisations, or schools, to gather inspiration.

3. Discuss the elements that make a mascot visually appealing, recognisable, and memorable.

4. Have the students create a mood board or collage of images, colors, and styles that represent the desired qualities of their class group mascot.

Design and Creation (3-4 class sessions):

5. Provide art supplies, such as paper, pencils, markers, and coloring materials, or allow students to use digital tools if available.

6. Instruct the students to sketch out their mascot ideas individually, incorporating the elements discussed in the research phase.

7. Encourage creativity and experimentation with different designs, shapes, and expressions.

8. Once the initial sketches are complete, have students share their designs with their peers for feedback and suggestions.

9. Allow time for revisions and improvements based on the feedback received.

Mascot Selection (1-2 class sessions):

1. Organise a class-wide voting process to select the final mascot design.

You can create a ballot with all the mascot designs or use a digital voting platform if available.

2. Encourage students to explain their choices and discuss the strengths and uniqueness of each design.

3. Count the votes and announce the winning design.

Bringing the Mascot to Life (2-3 class sessions):

1. Based on the selected design, work with the students to finalise the details of the mascot, such as colors, expressions, and any additional elements.

If possible, collaborate with a local artist or graphic designer to refine the design and create a professional representation of the mascot.

2. Explore different mediums for bringing the mascot to life, such as digital artwork, hand-drawn illustrations, or even a physical costume or plush toy if resources permit.

Showcasing and Implementation:

3. Organise a special event or assembly where the class group mascot is officially unveiled to the entire school community.

4. Display the mascot design in prominent areas of the school, such as notice boards, newsletters, or the class group's online platforms.

5. Incorporate the mascot in various class activities, events, and projects to strengthen the sense of identity and unity within the group.

Reflection and Evaluation:

6. After the project is complete, allocate time for students to reflect on their experience and the impact of the mascot on the class group.

7. Conduct a class discussion or have students write reflective essays or create presentations about what they learned and how the mascot has positively influenced the class dynamics.

By transforming the creation of a class group mascot into a project, you provide students with an opportunity to collaborate, express their creativity, and develop a strong sense of ownership and pride in their class identity.

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