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Historic Walks

After the success of last year’s Hadrian’s Wall walk, for 2023 Edyoufest has two trips planned.

We want to bring the Edyoufest community to places they would not normally have access to, seeing things through a perspective that is new to all of us. It’s about being outdoors, it’s about seeing the very early steps of what we now call (wrongly?) civilisation. It’s about our place in that system. As always with Edyoufest, it will be about finding balance and seeing people in the place, learning from people living at the very edge of our societies, physically and mentally. Also, as it’s Edyoufest, we’ll also have a really fun time doing all of this.

It’s about travel, it’s about people. It’s about you…..

Athens Greece - April 2023

The Spine of Greece. We’ll be trekking through the very same Pindus mountains trodden by the heroes of Ancient Greek myth and looking at some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

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The Orkney Islands - March 2023

Where it All Began: The oldest constructed homes in northern Europe, The Orkney Islands. Thom Jones will be walking around Orkney, looking at some key sites and structures from the over 6,000 years of its human settlement.

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Hadrian's Wall - April 2022

In a time when borders, divisions and access to, and the very nature of, education seem more relevant than at any time in our recent past, now seemed like a good time to walk along Hadrian’s Wall. 

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