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Our History

EdYOUfest was founded in 2015 with a single mission: to be the most successful,

creative and ground-breaking

English Language Teacher community in the world. 

EdYOUfest was born out of Giovanni Rottura and Chuck Sandy’s ideas in the summer of 2015. After hundreds of training and development events for English language teachers all over the world, it was felt that there was a need to organise an event which could give more time to teachers to share their training experiences while also having some fun together.

The principal objective was to create a meeting place in which growing friendships could reinforce collaboration between teachers and would last the whole year. The name chosen and used from the start was EdYOUfest, ‘educational festival’, with teachers and educational professionals at the heart

At the start of September 2015, in Genova, Italy, we collected some of the most well-known trainers from a variety of specialisations from all over the world with the remit to create the basis of a project which, from the very start, would prove to be effective. We then spent 3 days working: presentations, group work and discussions and naturally some great moments for socialising. In the end, an event was revealed and EdYOUfest was born.

2016 saw the first event being publicised to all English language teachers and the chosen venue was ‘la Baia del Corallo di Palermo’, in Sicily. EdYOUfest Sicily put the project into practice; teachers took part in various workshops and had time to get to know each other better through evening activities with music, song and excursions. The success of that first event was and still is evident. It was back when EdYOUfest had its first presence on social media.

In 2017 EdYOUfest took place in France, in the countryside near Paris. 

In 2018, we were ready for the next step, 3 plenary sessions would be added, and we were aiming for a venue which would have all the necessary, high-level facilities. Millfield School (UK) was the ideal destination with the great support team of Millfield Enterprises, directed by Mark Greenow. The result was tremendous, we had 75 participants, 12 workshops and 3 plenary sessions, 5 business sponsors and 9 new partners.

In November 2018 the new website was presented, and a new committee was created comprising 6 people, extra support from Millfield Enterprises, 12 Fellows and lots of volunteers.

In 2019, we were at Millfield and created the first event fund to support teachers who might otherwise not be able to join us.

In 2020 and 2021 because of COVID-19, we organised an online 2 weeks event.

In 2022 we were back face to face in the lovely city of Trapani Sicily, it was a hybrid event online and face to face. 

In 2023 we will be in Athens, Greece and we are looking forward to it.



Previous EdYOUfest Events and Speakers

2022, Trapani, Italy

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David Crystal

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Tyna Constantopoulou

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Dimitris Kouniakis

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Blanca Powlak

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Annita Manetaki

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Gabi Kotlubaj

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Georgiana-Octavia Cosneanu

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Charles Goodger

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André Hedlund

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Thom Jones

2021, CANCELLED (Due to Covid 19)



2020, Online (Due to Covid 19)

Plenary Speakers

Marjorie Rosenberg - Steve Hirschhorn- Richenda Askew

Workshop Presenters

Marusya Price - Zina Pittrova - Chris Walklett -Walton Burns

Charles Goodger - Lonny Gold - Greg Wagstaff - Jenny Chant

Ken Patterson - Larissa Albano - Lhoussine Qasserras - Valentina Holubeva

2019, Millfield, UK

Plenary Speakers

Marion Williams - Lonny Gold - Trevor Harley

Workshop Presenters

Barbi Bujtás - Phillip Pound - Kate Smook - Richenda Askew

Marusya Price - Gabi Kotlubaj - Zina Pittrova - Larissa Albano

John Milton - Irina Piniuta - Chris Walklett -Walton Burns

Charles Goodger


2018, Millfield, UK

Plenary Speakers

Tim Bowen - Ken Paterson - Susanne Lewis

Workshop Presenters

Sharyn Collins - Lobna Ben Nasr - Steve Hirschhorn - Meriam Boulila

Rachel Marie Paling - Kate Smook - Larissa Albano - Jim Baker - Thomas Jones

2017, Paris, France

Dorothy Zemach - Philippe Watrelot - Paul Maglione - Steven Huitorel

Nathalie Beaulieu - Marie-Helene Fasquel - Jason R Levine

2016, Palermo, Italy

Christina Rebuffet - Steve Hirschhorn - Julie Pratten - Chuck Sandy - Theodora Papanagiotou - Philip Pound - Barbi Bujtás - Alexandra Chistyakova

2015, Genova, Italy

Jason R Levine - Chuck Sandy - Sylvia Guinan - Nina Hanáková

Juan Alberto Lopez Uribe - Alexandra Chistyakova - Salwa Abid

Yulia Kazantseva - Christina Rebuffet - Chaouki M’Kaddem