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Halloween Vocabulary and Traditions

Creating a lesson plan about Halloween in an English language class can be engaging and fun for students.

Grade Level: Intermediate/Advanced English Language Learners

Objective: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

  1. Expand their English vocabulary related to Halloween.

  2. Understand and describe Halloween traditions and symbols.

  3. Engage in a group discussion about their own Halloween experiences.


  • Whiteboard and markers

  • Handouts with Halloween-related vocabulary and definitions

  • Images or flashcards of Halloween symbols

  • Internet access for videos and online resources

Lesson Plan:

Warm-up (10 minutes):

  • Start with a quick discussion to activate prior knowledge: "Have you ever celebrated Halloween? What do you know about it?"

  • Show images of common Halloween symbols like pumpkins, witches, and ghosts. Ask students to describe what they see.

Vocabulary Introduction (15 minutes):

  • Present Halloween-related vocabulary words, such as "costume," "candy," "trick-or-treat," "haunted house," and "Jack-o'-lantern."

  • Discuss the meaning, pronunciation, and usage of each word.

  • Provide example sentences to illustrate their usage.

Vocabulary Practice (15 minutes):

  • Distribute handouts with Halloween-related vocabulary and definitions.

  • Have students match the words with their meanings.

  • Review and discuss the correct answers as a class.

Video and Discussion (20 minutes):

  • Show a short video or documentary clip about Halloween traditions, customs, or the history of Halloween.

  • Engage the students in a group discussion about what they saw in the video and how it relates to Halloween traditions.

Creative Activity (15 minutes):

  • In pairs or small groups, have students brainstorm and design their Halloween costumes. They should use some of the vocabulary words they've learned.

  • Encourage them to present their costume ideas to the class.

Homework Assignment (5 minutes):

  • Assign students to write a short paragraph (5-7 sentences) describing their favorite Halloween memory or tradition. They should incorporate some of the new vocabulary words.

Conclusion (5 minutes):

  • Recap the key points discussed during the lesson.

  • Remind students of their homework assignments.

Assessment: Evaluate students' understanding through their participation in class discussions, completion of the vocabulary matching exercise, and creativity in describing their Halloween costumes.

This lesson plan should help students learn new vocabulary and engage with the cultural aspects of Halloween, all while improving their English language skills. Adjust the difficulty level as needed to suit the proficiency of your students.

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